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Alchemy is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education program founded by Julie Hu in 2016. It mainly focuses on science communication through visual means, and promoting the notion of innovative thinking. Currently, it's in collaboration with programs and institutions worldwide, namely the American Chemical Society, Beauty of Science program, and Spectra Magazine.

The name Alchemy came from the practice of alchemy as a science and an art in the medieval ages. It was the predecessor of chemistry, which studied elements' change in relation to the rhyme of nature. It thrived to turn objects not only into the philosopher's stone and gold, but also master the underlying rules through this mystical practice that shed light on formal chemical research. As the ancient practice of alchemy, the Alchemy Program is also a combination and integration of Science, the Arts, and culture. 

Currently, the official social media sites of Alchemy are @alchemysciviz on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.